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About Mibilla

Marurr – embracing

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Our Mission

We are an Indigenous-founded and led, philanthropic charity partnering with our people that aims to change the economic paradigm by providing direct, flexible funding to all facets of Indigenous communities.

To create success our way, in our communities, our country, incorporating our skills, knowledge, cultures, languages and identities.

Bunuba  strip (4.7).png

Our Logo


The Bunuba seasonal calendar has four seasons - Girinybali, Maurri, Barrangga, & Bulurru. After the big rains of Bulurru the bright yellow flowers of the Gilini plant appear on the sandy river banks, indicating the beginning of Girinybali - when water abounds and Country is most alive and active.

The dried stems of the Gilini plant are also used to make gunggali, which is used for ‘right-way' winthali, burning patches of country in Girinybali, removing old grasses, rejuvenating Country for new growth.

Designed by artists Chern’ee and Brooke Sutton our Foundation's logo recognises the significance of Girinybali and the Gilini plant for the Bunuba people and Indigenous people across Australia.

Our mob is represented by the U's, the people who work with and help the Foundation, and the community symbols representing the many communities and people that the Foundation supports. 

The mountains, river and colours of the logo represent the different locations, landscapes and peoples that make up Australia. The river also shows the water flowing after the big rains with the Gilini flower along the bank of the river, flourishing after the big rains, and showing the path forward to rejuvenation & new growth.

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