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Grant Application Process

Wanjawurru – giving

We provide direct funding to a wide variety of Indigenous people and organisations across Australia. Please read the information below to check your eligibility, funding options and acquittal process before continuing on to the Expression of Interest Form

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Based in Australia or be proposing to use the funds for the benefit of those living in Australia

Be majority Indigenous owned/operated

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What We Fund

Child care expenses (if attending work related training/workshops)

Community groups

General business operating costs


Microloan Fund

Office Equipment purchases

Office Rent

Printing/Publication costs

Professional Memberships/Joining Fees

Professional/Outsourced Resources - ie Website Development;            Business/Financial Advice

Purchase of Business related stock

Purchase or Lease of vehicles

Purchase of Non-specialised Equipment (ie Computers; Office Equipment; Fuel)

Purchase of Real Estate/Property

Purchase of Specialised Equipment

Research related to development of product/technology

School Provisions (books, stationary, extra needs)

Seed or start-up funding

Sporting Clubs/Athletes

Staff Wages

Training/Coaching - ie Specialised Equipment Training; Strategic/Governance Planning

Work Related Travel Expenses

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What We Don't Fund

Activities purchased through direct selling (ie party plan or network marketing)


Delivery, credit card and transaction fees

Equipment or services that will benefit an individual

Events/workshops where the event date occurs before funding approval

Facility improvements to any community title, body corporate or retirement living scheme or similar entity (as determined by us)

Franchise fees

Gifts or Prizes

GST, Registration and Fees

Items purchased prior to approval

Money to be set aside for contingencies or costs not yet incurred

Prepaid or store cards

Repayment of debts and loans

Utility costs


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Application Process

All applications received will undergo a review against the Foundation's eligibility criteria, alignment with priorities, mission, values, and potential project impact.

Your organisation may be contacted if additional information is required. 

Funding decisions, along with feedback, are communicated to you.

Successful applicants receive funding agreements outlining grant terms, reporting requirements, and milestones. The agreement may also include site visits, audits, or other evaluations

The Foundation will continue to work with the applicant throughout the project to ensure that goals are met.

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Expression Of Interest

Before starting this form make sure you have read the information above. If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact Nicole on 0400 076 048

Thank you for your application. We look forward to speaking to you soon

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