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Our Impact

Jalngga – healing

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Wiradjuri Demolition & Civil

Michael & I have a good working relationship within the construction industry as private sector business developments. I am striving to establish a new NSW Indigenous Construction Contractors JV Project Management entity for small licensed Indigenous contractors in the near future.

Michael is a great support for me as we converse regularly about creating new Indigenous entities in this growing industry, focusing on growing Indigenous private sector in-line with government procurement initiatives & program funding. Michael has provided financial support to assist the continued operation of my small business until new approved contracted long term works are secured.

I will keep Michael as a close Indigenous work confidante, for my own Indigenous self-determination as I strive to become established as the first private sector National Indigenous Licensed Demolition & Asbestos Removal Operator & RTO Training provider for asbestos removals.

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Cultural Workshops by Brother Tom

Mick Hatton is a genuine brother. Biggest heart. Has helped me out on numerous occasions. He got me started to buy $5000 investment of supplies to be able to do indigenous workshops plus a work ute.

Hooked me up with gigs, dancing and workshops. 

He is a true brother. They don’t make them like that no more. Michael Hatton is an inspiration and being indigenous he is always thinking of ways to help his people and move forward.

He has sponsored so many programs, too many to list just in the short time I have known him. 

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$30,000 investment towards to NSW Aboriginal Land Rights

Association Incorporated that were used for acquisition of cultural property from private collections ($5,000)

Walgett LALC COVID Fundraiser ($2,400)

Land Rights Campaigns ($10,000)

NSWALRA Inc operations ($12,600)

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Koorier Enterprises

Appreciation and thanks to brother Michael Hatton from The Mibilla Foundation. When we linked up the Surveying and Solutions sort of hit me hard because we have escape programs, the School of Stoke or the SoSWays.

SoS meant help, you know, but we come up with Survey our Solutions, you know, and it helped me to launch a dream of mine, Koorier Enterprises.

Funding provided the following for our organisation - 

  • $6000 - New boards, helmets and much needed infrastructure built for the Skate Skool

  • $5000 - Drone and water tank for Deebing Creek Tent Embassy

  • Garden tools for their garden which helped support the people there 

  • $5000 - Vehicle Registration and Insurance 

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Campbelltown Ghost Sport & Culture Aboriginal Corporation

Campbelltown Ghost Sport & Culture Aboriginal Corporation (SCAC) has been connected to Michael and his team for over 5 years as a community connection, and business partnership, both of which have supported the development of our corporation through guidance and sponsorship. We have faced challenges like many new businesses that are unique to their service and goals. During these times Michael has guided us with invaluable advice and direction that has contributed to our corporations growth and success. Michael has sponsored events such as - Annual NADIOC Ball, Annual Aboriginal Rugby League Knockout and our upcoming Rugby League Carnival.  

Without this support we would not have had these opportunities or been able to host successful events as we have been able to.

Our organisation has also seen increases each year in event attendee numbers, a 150% increase at our NAIDOC ball, and 2 additional KO teams added to our roster. These changes, and additional community support, means we are now in the position to host a new project for us - Rugby League Carnival within our local community. We have been able to connect at a greater capacity with not only our local Aboriginal community but also our local businesses and corporate services, and wider communities with some supporters coming from across NSW to attend our events.

We thank Michael for the continued support to Campbelltown Ghost SCAC and the invaluable words of wisdom and guidance supporting our corporation’s development and success. We continue to appreciate our friendship and partnership with Michael and look forward to future endeavours.

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